Who We Are

Board of Directors

The Foundation's Board consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair and up to four other Directors appointed by the Governor in Council; up to 18 additional Directors appointed by the Board after consultation with provincial governments and other interested outside parties; and, the President of the Foundation. The Chair and each of the Board Members is appointed for a term of three years, and may serve a maximum of three terms. The Board, which serves in a volunteer capacity, has ultimate responsibility for the Foundation's activities and meets at least twice a year.

Interim Chair of the Board, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Global Managing Partner Emeritus , McKinsey & Company
President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP; Premier of Québec (2003-2012); Member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada
Executive Vice-President, Anthem Capital
Executive Chairman of One Earth Oil and Gas
President and Chief Executive Officer AGT Food and Ingredients Inc.
Area of Expertise: Agri-business, SMEs, AgTech, entrepreneurship
Vice-President, Power Corporation
Managing Partner of Vanedge Capital Partners
Vice Chairman, BMO Financial Group
Principal, Tower Beach Capital Ltd.
Area of Expertise: Global economy, finance, investment. Canada-China economic relations.
Strategic Advisor, Industry, Global Markets & Public Sector, PwC Canada
Area of Expertise: financial services, aerospace, automotive, energy, information communication technology
Former President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta

Senior Staff

Our senior staff members bring a range of international expertise and strategic policy experience to the dialogue around Canada-Asia engagement.

President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Vice-President, Operations and Networks
Vice-President, Toronto Office
Vice-President, Prairie Region
Area of Expertise: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Senior Advisor, Toronto Office
Area of Expertise: India, higher education, government relations, business development
Michael Roberts
Manager, Communications

Research Staff

Sergio Arrambide
MSME Research Assistant, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership
Alisha Clancy
Program Manager, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership
Jordan Dupuis
Program Manager, Toronto Office
Scott Harrison
Program Manager
Iris Jin
Senior Program Manager, Trade, Investment, Innovation and Canada-China Relations
Serena Ko
Program Manager, Networks and Research Grants
Yoel Kornreich
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Justin Kwan
Project Specialist, Research, Curriculum, and Youth Programming
Charles Labrecque
Research Manager
Andrew Weiling Lee
Research Associate,Toronto Office
Xiaoting Liu
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Amar Nijhawan
Project Specialist, APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership Project
Nadine Oliver
Project Specialist, Toronto Office
Kate Scullin
Program Officer, Kakehashi Project, Toronto Office
Pauline Stern
Project Manager, Trade, Investment and Innovation
Kai Valdez-Bettcher
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Mohit Verma
Post-Graduate Research Scholar
Erin Williams
Program Manager, Skills and Competencies
Yushu Zhu
Program Manager, Surveys and Big Data

Distinguished Fellows

Our distinguished fellows provide us with valuable insight and guidance, participating in dialogues and public events, offering commentary, and responding to media requests.

Senior Visiting Fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs
Area of Expertise: Expertise on security, defence and intelligence issues in Northeast Asia/Japan
Governor and Special Advisor to the President, Royal Roads University
Area of Expertise: B.C. trade with China, Japan, Korea/multiple trade missions/international education/Pacific Gateway Alliance.
Senior Strategy Advisor, Davis LLP
Area of Expertise: Canada-Asia economic relations, Japan, South Korea, Asian regional architecture, trade agreements
Honorary Professor, Institute of Asian Research, UBC
Area of Expertise: Canada-Asia economic and political relations, Japan, China, India, Taiwan
Director and Principal, Ciuriak Consulting Inc.
Area of Expertise: Former Deputy Chief Economist at DFAIT, Senior Fellow CIGI, Fellow-in-residence C.D. Howe Institute
Canada Research Chair, Regional Innovation, University of Saskatchewan
Area of Expertise: Developed expertise in science, technology and society topics, emphasis on Japan; Aboriginal rights, treaties, and economic conditions.
Principal and Lead Analyst, Mouralea Consulting
Area of Expertise: Highly developed research analysis experience on Asia-Canada agrifood policy.
Professor and Dean Emeritus, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
Area of Expertise: international education, Canada-Asia education relations, real estate, global cities
Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Area of Expertise: Japan, Arctic Governance, innovation.
Senior Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
Area of Expertise: Digital economy, Canadian companies in Asia, Japan, China, ASEAN
Senior Fellow, Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa and the China Institute, University of Alberta
Area of Expertise: China's science, technology and innovation system.
Associate Professor of Multidisciplinary Studies at York University
Senior Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the International Christian University, Tokyo
Area of Expertise: Macro-level geopolitical analysis on trends in the region related to business, governments and media.
Chair, Parker Venture Management Inc.
Area of Expertise: Sustainable impact investors/China sustainable tech/cleantech
Director of the Centre for Global Social Policy, University of Toronto
Area of Expertise: Japan, Korea, social policy, gender, labour, welfare states
Professor of Law, University of British Columbia
Area of Expertise: trade and investment, law, China, Taiwan, human rights
Visiting Professor, Simon Fraser University
Fellow, Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue
Area of Expertise: High Commissioner to Australia, HOM to 7 South Pacific countries, former ADM for APEC
Principal, Trans-Pacific Connections
Area of Expertise: media and entertainment regulatory governance, Asia broadcast media, Asian regional architecture, Canada-Asia relations
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia
Area of Expertise: political economy, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, global governance, G20, environment
Associate Professor and Director, School of Health Services Management, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University
Area of Expertise: Developed expertise on Canada-Japan relations, health-care policy and management, Japanese health-care policy.
Professor of Political Science, University of Waterloo

Youth Council

Our volunteer Asia Pacific Youth Council members are committed to raising awareness among Canadian youth of Asia and its importance to Canada, and deliver signature events for other young Canadians.

Vice-President, Programming
Vice-President, Sponsorship and Outreach
Vice-President, Finance
Vice-President, Communications and Outreach
Vice-President, Outreach Strategy
Vice-President, Programming and Logistics
Vice-President, Communications

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